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Fundraising in Wallonia: help us to preserve our heritage and pass it on to future generations!
The Wallonia Heritage Agency has signed a partnership with the cultural patronage organisation Prométhéa to secure sponsorship in Wallonia and across Belgium as a whole. The Agency is also helping a number of listed monument owners to open a project account with the King Baudouin Foundation Belgium. For its fundraising in the USA, the Agency has signed an agreement with the KBFUS and has set up the “American Friends of Wallonia Heritage” account.
Around 3,000 properties in Wallonia are listed monuments, sites and architectural ensembles. Help us to preserve them and pass them on to future generations!

Situation Where is it?

Wallonia is located in the south part of Belgium, in the Western Europe. It is a French speaking region, open-minded area and a land of exchange. As a region, Wallonia is naturally open to the world and conversant in different languages and cultures. An extraordinary sense of welcome! As an area of industrial tradition, Wallonia has forged its identity through immigration. It has a young and mobile population. (www.wallonia.be)

Introduction to belgian Politics

Wallonia is a region in the federal state of Belgium. Its capital is Namur. The Government and Parliament are based in Namur. Heritage policy is overseen by a Minister for Heritage with support from his Department : the Wallonia Heritage Agency. The annual heritage budget is approximately $50,000,000. This budget covers the Agency’s subsidies and its heritage conservation and restoration projects, academic research, archaeological excavations, heritage promotion, and heritage skills training and awareness-raising activities for professionals, schools, students and teachers. The Agency is increasingly turning to the private sector and seeking additional financial resources to help owners to restore or refurbish listed properties or to supplement funding and, in some cases, add contemporary features to listed buildings or promote listed monuments and sites.

Welcome in Wallonia